Friday, 30 November 2012

New way to Apply Liquid Foundation?! - Vibrating Foundation Applicator!

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So, there really are two types of these applicators, the vibrating ones and the patting ones.  The one mentioned in my video is the vibrating applicator, where the sponge vibrates to distribute the foundation.  The patting ones are applicators with fast patting motions, but with end results similar to the vibrating applicators - both work to distribute the liquid foundation/BB cream more evenly, giving an airbrush finish.  The only thing I can seem to compare this to is the Clarisonic cleaning brush, but instead of distributing cleansing foam, the vibrating foundation applicator are designed to spread liquid foundation/BB cream evenly across your skin.

There are many different vibrating foundation applicators out there - just image google vibrating foundation applicator, and a plethora of pictures comes up, but my advice is, if your going to buy one, make sure it gives a vibration count of at least 5000 vibrations per minute.  From what I can deduce from the 'scientific' background is that the more counts per minute the applicator gives, the better the distribution, and the more flawless the foundation will look!  It comes as no surprise that I would also recommend a Korean branded one - after all, it did originate from there!

My personal opinion?!  I do think it's great for everyone to have one of these on their vanity table.  While I personally don't use it/don't need to use it everyday, they are great for special occasions and for days where you need an extra flawless look.  I personally see a difference to how my foundation looks when using the vibrating applicator.  Flawless doesn't even describe it!  My skin looks airbrushed no matter how close to the mirror I get & for days when I'm feeling less confident & a bit self-depriciating the literal perfect makeup always makes me that little bit better!

Alas there's no point having the perfect applicator if you don't have your perfect foundation, after all, there's only so much something can do!  Also make sure you buy a few back up sponges as well, as even though many are advertised as antibacterial, I personally still prefer to wash the sponges constantly as my skin is prone to breakout and waiting for one to dry is a pain.

So just to show you a few vibrating/patting foundation applicators.  By far, the more popular one out there is the Enprani Face Designer Auto Pat:

Enprani are so confident in their auto pat that they package it with their own brand foundation!

TonyMoly are a more affordable Korean Brand and is more basic in design, but works just as well

Mistyle Vibrating Applicator has a swivelling head so easier to get round all the curves of the face

The Haan Digital Foundation applicator is also a popular brand with their kit of foundation & extra heads

So whichever you decide to choose (vibration or pat motion) if you decide to choose any at all, I personally love I have a couple of these at home, and definitely think if your an liquid foundation person, this is a must for days you want airbrushed skin.

Makeup I have on:

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer 002
Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 01
Laneige Satin Finish Loose Powder 2 Natural Beige
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer 03
No. 7 Summer of Dreams Bronzer
L'oreal Blush 115 True Rose
Soap & Glory Glow All Out Face Powder

Cyber Colors 24hr Eyebrow Duo Dark Brown
Chamayu Brows Up Brown
Heroine Make Kiss Me Smooth Liquid Liner Black
Dolly Wink Curl Mascara

No. 7 Perfect Lips Pencil 20 Nude

Sensationail Espresso Bean