Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Laneige Air Light Foundation

Laneige Air Light Foundation is finally avalible!  Is it me or does it take ages between when a product is 'made public knowledge' and when it's actually avalible?! - The same with Laneige's BB Cushion which as far as I know isn't avalible in Hong Kong yet!  Anyway.........

The Laneige Air Light makeup range is primary launched for the summer when we prefer little to no (if we can get away with it!) makeup in fear of a melt down!

This is what Laneige says about this range:

The Air Light Foundation itself:

Smooth applicationThe gel-in-oil emulsion technology injects air into the foundation so it feels cushiony. Spreads smoothly and quickly on your skin for natural and comfortable skin coverage.

Comfortable coverage
The micro air channel in between the powder particles in Air Channel Mineral Powder comforts your skin without heaviness, leaving the coverage of foundation light and thin.

Bright and long-lasting
Natural pigment particles have been processed into micro particles and even pigments have been selected to leave your skin tone bright without darkening. 

The foundation comes in four shades:  No. 13 True Beige, No. 21N Natural Beige, No. 21P Pink Beige and No. 31 Brown Beige.

Will definately be trying this foundation when I can get hold of it as I'm always looking for 'lighter' feeling foundations come summer!  Though I am disappointed with the limited shades, however, I've come to realise maybe foundation isn't a big thing in Asia as most 'Asian' brand foundations tend not to have a wide selections of shades?!

As of yet it is still not avalible in Hong Kong, but I assume it's avalible in Korea hence try Gmarket.Kr (which I still can't seem to get them to send to the UK - I know I'm doing something wrong because alot of people in the UK buy from this site!).  But will keep you up to date when this foundation becomes more widely availble!