Tuesday, 29 May 2012

MAC - Casual Colour Collection

MAC is launching a new collection made up of subtle and toned down colours which a very different from other brands that are promoting bright colours this summer!  This collection is mainly focused on face and cheeks with a mix of old updated (either in ingrediants or colour) and new products:

This collection looks easy to wear, and may well be a hit this summer  - I can see this being a hit for those going to the beach that wants a subtle minimal effort look and for those that thinks all those bright colours out there are getting a bit too much!

Casual Colour Lip & Cheek Pot - 17.50GBP
Limited Edition - Looks very promising but I can't help think of Bobbi Brown when I see this......
  1. Have a Lovely Day- nude
  2. Lazy Sunday- pink
  3. Weekend Getaway- rose
  4. Relaxation- warm pink
  5. Keep it Loose- peach
  6. Keep it Casual- wine
  7. Evening Stroll- violet
  8. Out for Fun- coral
Mineralize Skin Finish Natural - 25.00GBP - Medium

Prep + Prime Highlighter - 20.00GBP
  1. Bright Forecast- peachy coral
  2. Light Boost- soft yellow
Nail Lacquer - 9.00GBP
  1. Ballet- sheer pink, limited edition
  2. Please Me- warm pink, repromote
  3. Style Tip- nude pink, repromote
  4. Tangerine Fizz- orange coral, limited edition
Casual Colour collection is available in June 2012.